Baskets of joy

As Spring bursts onto the scene (north-easterly winds aside), we’re eggsploding back on Monday for the final sales event this term and have a very special offer. We’re giving away some eggstraordinary Easter basket bundles with chocolate, stickers, crafts and all sorts of fun – eggsclusively free as a gift with sales of £15 or more … More Baskets of joy

3Rs squared

(Reading + wRiting + aRithmetic) x (Reduce + Reuse + Recycling) = Swapseez UK One thing we all want for our kids is that they grow up happy and healthy. But part of that also means fueling their appetite for information, which at times can seem insatiable. But it’s also infectious. We love watching the minds of … More 3Rs squared

Belt and braces

Unfortunately it’s not a cute picture of a baby stockbroker in pinstripes with phone attached to their ear(!), but rather a reflection of our efforts to continue to bring bargains to our community. We’ve put a few listings on Gumtree over the past week or so, highlighting in particular the bigger, bulkier items we’re unable to … More Belt and braces

Books, inflatables and a visit from the police

Rumours of some absolute steals must have made their way through official channels up to the local police, who were at the Community Centre in Cranham today. Thankfully, though, they didn’t need to interview us and instead entertained the youngsters at Marlborough Preschool. Elsewhere, our World Book Day sale went well, with books galore flying … More Books, inflatables and a visit from the police

The second coming

We have had a great week here at Swapseez HQ restocking the shelves for tomorrow’s event. In music, it’s a commonly-held belief that the second album is always a much trickier process to compile than the debut, which is often raw and full of emotion. Thankfully, for us at least, that analogy hasn’t translated to … More The second coming