Taking care of business

It’s been a great week for us here at Swapseez HQ, and we’re very thankful for the amazing response we’ve been getting for the business.

Ahead of a short international trip to pick up some vital supplies, we’ve been getting the message out there at a number of the amazing play groups and sessions here in Havering.

And added to that, we’ve been putting our posters and flyers out thanks to some terrific support from our local community.

I’ve even taken the plunge and gotten on Twitter, so be sure to follow us at @SwapseezUK for live-updates from our tasks, travels and travails (although hopefully not so many of those!)

Buy buy, baby!

With the summer on the way we’re stocking up on some great value short-sleeved items for girls and boys so that your little ones can be cool in both senses when (or if!) the sun starts shining.

Drop us an email if you’d like to know more, or like us on Facebook to join our conversations.

Don’t forget – just a couple of weeks until our first sales event, on 22 February.




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