School’s out, the hard work begins

International business trip completed, we’re heading into the final stretch before our first sales event next Monday, and things are getting exciting.

Deanne Swapseez
We love it when a plan comes together – Dee’s been busy all weekend with the help of her folks. Still more to go though!

Dee’s been cleaning, folding, pressing and boxing clothes with the help of her folks – something that we’re very thankful for – so that they’ll be ready to wear straight ‘off the rack’.

Posters and flyers have been going up around town, too, so thanks to all those who are supporting us in the local community, including Happy Tots at Cranham Community Centre and Play Days at Cranham Social Hall. If you see our promotional materials, be sure to Tweet us @SwapseezUK for some social media love.

Clothes Swapseez
Just a selection of the clothes we’ve sorted, pressed and packed

While the kids are all off enjoying half term, we’re aiming to generate a bit of media coverage ahead of Monday’s grand opening, as well as sorting out the toys and taking photos of the bigger items so you can browse through our gallery online or theĀ printed catalogue at our sales events.

We’re also sure to come across a few more items that the little ones are growing out of, so if you’re in the same boat, and you don’t fancy the trip to the big shops with the little ones in tow, hold out for a few more days and come pick up some bargains next Monday.

Quality assurance

Something we pride ourselves on offering is that quality of service and that we road-test the items we put in store.

Well, at least the kids will have done!


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