Big savings on big items

Today’s been another busy one at Swapseez HQ, dusting down and cleaning up some of the great items that the youngsters enjoyed for a few months before eventually outgrowing.

A few of them are above in this blog, but you can check out the gallery of big things.

Race car walker with noisy dashboard
Race car walker – £10

As we won’t be able to bring them all along to every event, we’ll have a printed catalogue too so you can browse and make requests. We’ll keep an eye out for the things you might be after, and if we come across it we’ll be sure to drop you a line as soon as we have it.

Tomorrow will see us boxing up some fantastic toys – we’ve stocked up on a whole range of batteries to ensure that they are ready to play with from the off.

We’ve also uncovered another couple of cupboards of clothes for all seasons, including coats, gloves and scarves for the chillier winter months through to some very snazzy looking tops and shorts for the (hopefully) imminent summer!

If there’s anything in particular you are looking for, Tweet us @SwapseezUK or drop us a line on Facebook or via email, and we’ll start putting our feelers out now.

Don’t forget – just six days until our first sales event!


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