The less exciting side of a start-up

While taking the plunge to start an initiative such as this exciting and, at times, nerve-wracking, we’ve found the slightly less exhilarating aspects of it come to the fore the last couple of days.


Part and parcel of ensuring that we provide a great experience for launch day (Monday 22 February at Cranham Community Centre, if you didn’t already know!) is putting all the clothes and toys in the right boxes. As any parent will attest to, folding and pressing tiny clothes is simultaneously adorable and frustrating. Hopefully repetitive strain injury won’t affect us…

Swapseez laminating
Lamination to the nation – multitasking during dinner last night!


Grandparents are great for babysitting help, and the last two weeks in particular as we move towards launch date. An added bonus has been a laminator and pouches (why on earth they had them, we didn’t want to ask!) But hopefully the two hours of plasticising our signage will not have been in vain.


Admin is not fun. Fact. However, putting together the request forms so we can help you look out for big items has been a bit more interesting. Similarly, our sales and purchasing forms should mean it’s just that much easier all round.

But it will be worth it. No one said it would be easy, and nothing easy is worth working for, so as the days count down to launch, we’re blitzing through a whole host of tasks and many will pop up as well, but preparation is the key.

When you come along on Monday you’ll see the fruits of our labour, and we hope you’ll enjoy joining us for the big day and beyond.


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