Pieces falling into place

It’s no coincidence that on a lot of our marketing we’ve tried to incorporate a little jigsaw.

jigsawThere are so many little aspects to the operation we’re running that without one of them we’ll never be able to build the full picture.

Following from a bit of a push towards generating media interest, we had our first press enquiry from a journalist (thanks, Chloe Farand from the Romford Recorder).

Just an hour later we then had a follow-up from our Netmums post to put some flyers and leaflets out at the Collier Row Children’s Centre.

Because we ourselves are active members of the local community, it really means a lot to have the support and backing of so many people from across the area, and an opportunity to spread our wings and meet and talk to even more.

What’s more, we hope that given the great diversity of experiences parents have had, newbies about to celebrate their first (and potentially second shortly after if it’s twinskis!) can pop in and feel confident and comfortable asking us and others questions about some of the practical, if less glamorous, parts of parenting.

(We’ll be sure to bring biscuits for those who have a lot of questions!)

Speaking of pictures, somewhat ironically we forgot to take any on our travels today, but we’ve sent our big posters off for printing.

We’ll definitely get some this weekend with the kids helping pack the final boxes of clothes (17 of them so far for ages up to 24 months alone!) and, if they can bear it, the toys as well…

5 days until launch!


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