The final countdown…

Quality assurance
Our quality assurance team have put the toys through their paces ahead of tomorrow’s big launch!

With less than 12 hours before we get up to put final preparations into place for the first sales event (who are we kidding – our youngest will be waking us up, not the alarm clock!), it’s a good time to reflect on the steps that we’ve gone through to get here.

Cue the music!

Following the hard yards we’ve put in, thanks to grandparents in particular helping with getting all the clothes cleaned, ironed and packed, we’ve boxed up the toys and put them through their paces as well.

Deanne and sign
Dee with our cool sign

Among other things, we’ve also printed off some awesome – even if we say it ourselves – signage and done our running order for things tomorrow so we’re ready to go.

Up to around 50 followers across social media (Facebook and Twitter), we’re hoping for a big turnout, one that might even come with a chance to appear in the Romford Recorder, and one that’ll certainly come with biscuits!

Luckily, unlike many of the sports we played before kids came around, we’ve not had to really worry about a rain plan given that it’s all indoors – the best type of things to do with kids at this time of year – so we are now hoping for only modest traffic tomorrow when everyone gets back to school after half term.

Name badges – in case we forget who we are!

If indeed your kids aren’t back tomorrow, be sure to come along and see if there’s a bargain with your name on it too. We’ll be the ones wearing the terrific name badges, inspired by some of the creative arty making we’ve been watching on children’s TV!

We’re at Cranham Community Centre, in Marlborough Gardens, from 9:00 tomorrow. See you there.

Mike and Dee


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