Launch day completed

Packed cars
Packed car – plenty more big items still at home too.

Thanks to everyone who came out to support us today – we think around 50 mums, dads, grandparents, and of course their little ones, came by and had a good browse as well, which was great.

We’ve helped a few people pick up some bargains as well, with some big toys and some great clothes finding new homes to be played with, worn and enjoyed.

It was a manic start, rushing between dropping off our eldest at nursery through to packing the car in weather that would make even ducks think twice about leaving the nest.

Packed car 2
Breathing room only, but we only had to make one trip!

But we were up and running by shortly after 9:00 – not bad for a Monday morning!

We’ll have a bit more of a round-up later, but we wanted to get online and say a big thanks now we’re home, had a cup of tea and ready for the afternoon.

See you all again next week – tell your friends too!


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