Onwards and upwards from here on in!

After of months of planning, preparations and lots of discussions about our approach, it’s been a weight off our minds to have had such a successful start (thanks again for that!)

In particular it was refreshing to have had both the support from the local community, especially the other mums, dads and grandparents from playgroups and Sharon at Cranham Community Centre.

Today toys were popular – so if you’ve found yourself with things that your kids don’t play with any longer, especially small electric learning toys, then bear us in mind – and we are already restocking for next week.

Deanne at store
Dee with all our lovely boxes of toys, clothes and ‘miscellaneous’

We had more than one ‘is that all?’ comment in reference to the amazing value of the clothes we are selling, too, so again that tells us that we’re succeeding; our aim is to provide high-quality at low prices given our parenting experiences.

And we also sold a few of our bigger items, too, so if you’ve got a newborn and are thinking about bouncy chairs or sit-in play centres that they can grow into over the next few months, then do pop on down and check out the catalogue or browse our gallery.

Something we did get a few requests about were clothes and toys for children at early school ages, from about three and a half to five years old. As our kids haven’t yet got there, we’re a little short in these age brackets, so if you do have any items that your little ones have outgrown then pop on down with them next Monday, or get in touch to arrange a viewing.

If you do have any specific requests, ranging from bigger items (e.g. buggies, cots, walkers/sit-in play centres) through to even some of the smaller things, such as toys or clothes for particular ages, then fill in this Swapseez request form and email it to us, or Tweet us @SwapseezUK.


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