Preparing for the next event

It’s been a roller coaster couple of weeks. Two days after our exciting launch, we’ve had many new enquiries about buying and selling with us, and have also confirmed sales of some of our big items (so don’t wait if you’re after something big for a bargain!)

While we were resting up on Sunday, many of you may have seen the BBC’s Dragons’ Den (skip to the final pitch), which featured – a cracking initiative, a little like ours.

If you’re unable to get along to our sales events, we’d recommend looking out for local events there.

But back to us – yesterday we had a photoshoot here at home for the Romford Recorder (hopefully that’ll feature in this week’s paper and online).

Swapseez booksWe’ve been restocking on toys, too, as there was a big rush for some of the £3 items, and in the run up to World Book Day (3 March – there is almost certainly an event on at your youngsters’ schools) we’ve bought a few books to add to your shelves.

As always, do get in touch if you’ve got any items that you’re specifically looking to buy through our Swapseez request form, or if you’ve got something to sell to us.

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates.

Also – if you know of a venue near you that could do with the Swapseez UK treatment, let us know as we will be looking to branch out after Easter. More on that later…


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