Books, inflatables and a visit from the police

Swapseez signRumours of some absolute steals must have made their way through official channels up to the local police, who were at the Community Centre in Cranham today.

Thankfully, though, they didn’t need to interview us and instead entertained the youngsters at Marlborough Preschool.

Elsewhere, our World Book Day sale went well, with books galore flying off the shelves, as well as some exciting branded and themed toys – Peppa Pig, Disney and Ben and Holly, as you parents well know, were particularly popular.

Store - book saleAnd so are inflatable items, much to our surprise. Their versatility has always been well known but we will be on the hunt for more items to add to our catalogue over the next
week, recognising you, the customers’, appetites!

Another great day and we’ve got a lot of new clothes and toys that were brought in today to wash, press and put through their paces in so they’ll be ready for next Monday’s sales.

As always, follow our progress on Twitter, on Facebook, or if you’re looking for something in particular then fill in the Swapseez request form and email it over.


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