Stats the way to do it!

We have said it all along, but your support has meant a lot to us.

We’ve seen it in person, but we had a look a the ol’ stats on the website last night and were blown away.

Over 1700 page views from nearly 350 visitors, with spikes throughout the past month following blog posts and social media love.

Stats - February
One month into the project – what a great start


It’s all helping the dream come together.


Has it been easy to buy and sell from us?

Is there anything better we could be doing better?

What would you like to see at a future event?

How could we improve our transparent pricing structure, while ensuring we operate in a sustainable manner?

The more that you can tell us, the better we can be and, more importantly, the better your stress-free experience of buying and selling clothes, toys and accessories will be.

We’ve been inundated with new opportunities and enquiries following the publication of the online version of the Romford Recorder article, with some really good comments and certainly some things for us to consider on the Facebook thread.

Drop us a comment below, or Tweet us by answering our little poll (running all throughout Wednesday).


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