Belt and braces

Unfortunately it’s not a cute picture of a baby stockbroker in pinstripes with phone attached to their ear(!), but rather a reflection of our efforts to continue to bring bargains to our community.

Gracco buggy
Graco buggy – £30

We’ve put a few listings on Gumtree over the past week or so, highlighting in particular the bigger, bulkier items we’re unable to bring on a regular basis to our sales events.

We’ve had some success in making sales here, but the process does sometimes get stressful, and, while fruitful, it does sometimes pose challenges.

We’re all about the face-to-face where possible, as we truly believe it’s a more comfortable environment all-round, but we do recognise that it’s much trickier for a lot of people to be able to come to our sales events if you’re in full- or part-time employment.

So we are looking at making ourselves more available for collections or deliveries as part of our commitment to helping everyone save money when raising youngsters – that’s following some of your great responses after our request for feedback earlier this week, and from conversations we’ve had with people over the past month.

As always, do let us know if there’s anything you’re after by submitting a Swapseez request form by email to us, so we can keep an eye out on your behalf.


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