Is it time for a spring clean?

Christmas is long-gone, and as sunlight floods your home, you may find things you’d put away for a rainy day and never got round to using before the kids outgrew them. Drawers are already overflowing and you’re scared to put much more stuff in the attic in case the ceiling starts wilting…

We’ve all been there. We’ve slipped on a shirt, stubbed toes on a particularly stubborn toy and made music at midnight with misplaced maracas.

After a while, the novelty of tripping over something that our kids haven’t picked up in anger, except maybe literally, wears off.

But the dilemma is that you resent the idea of throwing it away, because you paid top price for it and you’re an environmentally conscious person who doesn’t want to add unnecessary waste to landfill, especially as it still works fine. It’s just that your kids are a bit too old for it.

Here’s an idea – sell it.

Put money in your pocket, and know that you’re passing on the enjoyment it brought your household to a whole new family.

It’s a practical solution, with multiple winners, and best of all – you can dream about spending that little bit of cash on a special treat. You’ve earned it!

How can I make it worthwhile, though?

eBay and Gumtree have revolutionised the process of being able to make money from your stuff, but neither offers a guaranteed sale and you’re always competing against hundreds of other people, even in your local area.

Here at Swapseez UK we offer a simple pricing structure with a sale guaranteed (subject to condition of your items). So no big effort to set up accounts, take photos, write descriptions and follow up with potential buyers.

A box of toys or a bag of clothes, taking up much-needed space and collecting dust, could be turned into money in moments at one of our events. Many folk have already benefited.

If you’ve got some bigger items that your kids have grown out of, such as beds and buggies, get in touch with us for purchasing enquiries.


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