From strength to strength

After three weeks of Monday morning sales events at Cranham Community Centre, we’re starting to get into a healthy routine of setting up, buying and selling, and packing down.

Ryan, our youngest, loves Happy Tots – the playgroup that runs alongside our events on Mondays – while we are increasingly feeling a part of the furniture, in a good way.

Deanne at store
Dee – Founder and Owner of Swapseez UK

And what better day than International Women’s Day to celebrate Dee’s efforts to get this endeavour off the ground.

From doing the hard yards reaching out to venue bookers, to generating interest among the local community, from establishing a fair and transparent approach that offers great value for both buyers and sellers, Swapseez has had a great start.

Which is why we’re now actively looking for ways to expand. After success over the first few weeks, we’ve established there’s clearly an appetite for good-quality, second-hand goods at fair prices.

In the immediate future we will continue in Cranham, but in order to maximise the value of this social enterprise we think that there’s a case for events in Harold Wood, Hornchurch, Rainham, Romford and Upminster, so we would love to hear from you if you know of any community centres or venues that might suit our format.

Tweet us @SwapseezUK, message us via Facebook or send us an email if you think you’ve stumbled upon a great opportunity for us to pass on major discounts and bargains on children’s clothes and toys.


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