Baskets of joy

Easter basket - 1
Baskets of joy!

As Spring bursts onto the scene (north-easterly winds aside), we’re eggsploding back on Monday for the final sales event this term and have a very special offer.

We’re giving away some eggstraordinary Easter basket bundles with chocolate, stickers, crafts and all sorts of fun – eggsclusively free as a gift with sales of £15 or more over the next week.

Easter basket - DeanneIn fact, Dee was so eggscited about making them that she didn’t even stop to take her coat off when we got back from the shops to start making them!

Our favourite aspect to these, as parents of two boys with lots of things that could easily get lost, is that the baskets themselves are perfect for storage as well, neatening up what could threaten to be lots of sharp-pointed, smaller toys that have a habit of finding the eggsposed (last one, we promise!) parts of your feet when you’re treading lightly around the house.

Gift baskets

After some consideration, including some great feedback, we’re also now going to put together gift baskets on request – 10-items for £15 (five clothes, two toys, two toiletries, one pack of five newborn nappies) and 15-items for £20 (same as the first one, but with five extra items of your choosing).

The joy of these is that:

a) when looking for gifts for newborns, finding just a single one-use outfit can sometimes cost more than the important every-day items that will be used regularly, such as would be in these gift baskets;

and b) they’re always unique, so no two baskets will be the same (avoiding that awkward moment at the baby shower where you recognise that someone else got the same present off of Amazon!)

We’ll be able to put together boys, girls and unisex, depending on whether you know (or are taking a massive gamble) as to the gender of the child. And you can check to see you’re happy with the items before we package them up as well, so it’s all about making sure that we all make the most of what is already available.

Also – when we’re making them up, we may be tempted to post to Facebook or Twitter to show off the excellent gifts, so if you think that might spoil the surprise, be sure to let us know!


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