Halfway through the holidays

The next leg of the Swapseez journey starts in less than a fortnight following an excellent first term at Cranham Community Centre, complemented by some online sales. A big thanks to Sharon at CCC (we’re totally into acronyms now that we’re proper business people) for her backing in particular.

The ‘excellent’ doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s been successful financially – we’re working on tiny margins, as with pretty much every organisation that deals in second-hand items.

But it’s been a great learning curve.

We always knew that community would be a big part of our jigsaw, but that was incredibly evident throughout our events so far.

But we need to spread our wings to continue reaching those who will benefit most from the Swapseez enterprise.

We are looking at venues across Havering, and have had a great opportunity to meet with Councillor Ivana Bartoletti – who will be the Labour representative for Havering and Redbridge at the upcoming Mayoral and London Assembly Elections. Exciting times!

Honesty is the best (pricing) policy

We’re committed to our open and honest pricing structure. We think that sets us apart in this field. No smoke and mirrors with us – what you see is what you get. There’s already enough confusion for parents from various sales and marketing materials from massive companies who make ginormous profits at the expense of people who are at the most stressful times of their lives.

And we also offer some insights into the realities of parenting…

Clear kitchen.png
A clear kitchen – bliss! But don’t worry, it’s not all gone…

Dee has been a full-time mum for nearly three years, learning and passing on the tricks of the trade while ensuring the kids are entertained, healthy and happy without breaking the bank.

Mike’s a pretty engaged dad, spending as much time chasing the kids round the back garden and local parks as possible – when it’s not raining (it’s been a tricky few days over Easter to maintain that!)

We believe that our honest approach, matched to our in-store sales events, is still unprecedented as an opportunity for those who want to guarantee finding something for their little one(s) while being confident they can trust the people behind the initiative.

(But then, we would say that!)

We’ve said it a few times, but we are much more of a social enterprise than a business or a charity. And that’s the exciting bit. Because our offer to the ‘customer’ is a bit more substantial than some of those corporations who have many more people to please than just those who purchase their goods.

We’re some way away from taking on those big retailers, but with a bit of planning over the next week, we will be back with some new ideas to keep it all fresh.

Watch this space, and those on Twitter and Facebook, for more updates.


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