About us

Dee – Founder and owner

Deanne and signDee is originally from Cardiff but has settled in Essex and is taking a short career break to raise her two boys, Dylan and Ryan.

Having studied psychology, she has worked extensively in primary and secondary education as a behavioural specialist, notably with children with intellectual difficulties and behavioural concerns, most recently at Hall Mead School in Upminster.

Dee is the brains behind Swapseez UK, and, you may have noticed, the face of the operation as well!

When she had spare time, Dee used to be pretty good at golf, and, as a proud Welshwoman, will happily be the only person in any pub cheering on the Boyos during the Six Nations and beyond.

Mike – Operations manager

Mike profileMike was born and raised in Upminster and is a proud Essex boy.

After studying Geography and Journalism at University, Mike has worked in communications and events roles for most of the past decade, ranging from small organisations and local sports clubs through to national charities and world-renowned companies.

A keen sportsman, Mike has always been involved in helping run local clubs and especially the community engagement aspect. He can’t wait for the lads to grow up and challenge him properly on the field of play, rather than helping their attempted penalty kicks trickle past him in the back garden, as he does at the moment…

Mike can mostly be found doing a lot of the heavy lifting at Swapseez sales events, and a large portion of the flyering, while managing the website, communications and finances of the business.