Buggies, cots & accessories

Check out the information about our pricing for items such as buggies, pushchairs, cots and other accessories.

Seats and chairs

Baby bouncers and sit-in play centres

hanging bouncer to attach to door frame
Baby-bouncer to hang from door frame – £10
Race car walker with noisy dashboard
Race car walker – £10
Bouncy zebra
Bouncy spinny zebra – £15
Sensory play may with owls and rabbits. £5
Spinny electric toy
Interactive stand-and-play toy – £15

Bathtime and bedtime

Winne-the-Pooh baby bath
Winnie-the-Pooh bath – £5
Bath cradle
Bath cradle (until able to confidently sit-up in the bath) – £3
Nappy bin
Winnie-the-Pooh nappy bin (fits Tommy Tippee cartridges) – £5
Moses basket with hood
Moses basket with hood and rocking stand – £10
two-height cot suitable for newborn to 18 months
Baby’s first cot (up to 24 months) – £30
Moses basket with stand
Moses basket with rocking stand – £10

Buggies, car seats and transport accessories

Gracco buggy
Graco buggy (single) – £30

Following advice from the local Council’s Road Safety Officer, we will no longer be buying and selling second-hand car seats. Many new car seats are available and able to be fitted by professionals in most baby-stores, and at reasonable prices.