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Check out our pricing structure for clothes, which applies to items intended for ages newborn to 24 months.

Special gift hampers

As well as a wide-range of individual items available at incredible prices, check out our special gift hampers. These are high-quality nearly-new clothes and some toiletries that are vital to those first few weeks. And, from our experience, the basket itself is a godsend for storing some of the multitude of toys that you’ll inevitably collect!

10-item hampers (5 clothes, 2 toys, 2 toiletries and pack of 5 Pampers nappies) are a bargain at £15. Perfect for baby showers or first gifts to new mums and dads.

Hampers are also available in unisex, for those keeping a secret or who haven’t opted to find out.

Hampers for other age groups are available on request.  Swapseez request form