Item type What we offer What we sell it at
Small clothing (e.g. babygrows, tops, bottoms and hats) 20p per item 50p per item
Medium clothing (e.g. jumpers, jackets, collared shirts, denim/corduroy bottoms) 50p per item £1.50 per item
Large clothing (e.g. coats, sleeping bags, dresses) £1 per item £3 per item
Non-Clarks shoes £1 per item £3 per item
Clarks shoes £2 per item £5 per item

We’re parents – we understand that sometimes pre-owned clothes are a little frayed around the edges; bibs can’t catch all the food, wellies don’t always prevent the splash from making a mark and, with the best will in the world, not every nappy performs to the expected standards!

We aim to meet the suggested pricing structure on clothes provided what’s offered is clean and intact. And we will make sure to the best of our abilities that we will only put the best quality pre-owned items on sale.

Management reserves the right to discuss specific items with customers.