Toys & books

Toy type What we offer What we sell it at
Small toy (e.g. push-along/basic) 20p per item 50p per item
Small basic books 20p per item 50p per item
Medium toy (e.g. mechanical but not electronic) 50p per item £1.50 per item
Large/electronic toy (e.g. music/sound books, toys requiring batteries) £1 per item £3 per item
Walkers, baby-bouncers, sit-in toys etc. £5 per item £10 per item

Pricing structure is subject to condition. Provided the toy or book is complete without any clear indication of damage, and in the case of electronic toys that it is fully-functioning, we will be able to adhere to the suggested pricing structure.

However, if a toy is damaged or doesn’t function properly, the management reserves the right to refuse purchase.